Get Help - The Doe Fund
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If you’re currently homeless or know someone who is and would like more information about how to become a client at The Doe Fund, please see below.


For general inquiries, please go to our Contact page.

I am homeless.

If you’re homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, call 311 to find shelter and prevention options near you. You can also visit the Department of Homeless Service’s website for more information.

I am currently in a shelter.

If you’re already in the New York City shelter system and would like to join Ready, Willing & Able, talk to your case manager or parole officer about a transfer to a Doe Fund facility. The Ready, Willing & Able program is open to all men able to work and maintain sobriety, ages 18 and up.

Call our intake line at 212-690-6480 for more information.

I am looking for work.

The Doe Fund offers employment opportunities for men who have experienced long-term unemployment but who are not homeless. To learn more about our day program, call 212-690-6480.

I am a graduate of Ready, Willing & Able.

Graduates of Ready, Willing & Able have access to lifelong services in the event of unemployment or the loss of their home. If you’re a graduate in need of assistance, please call 718-417-2500 and ask for the Graduate Services Department.