Graduate Profile: Joseph Calhoun - The Doe Fund
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Graduate Profile: Joseph Calhoun

Graduate Profile: Joseph Calhoun

Joseph CalhounFor almost eight years, Joseph Calhoun has been an esteemed member of The Doe Fund family, and a role model for trainees and staff alike. With an eye on advancement, Joseph is a dynamic example of how far you can go if you let your passions and motivation guide you.

Joseph entered The Harlem Center for Opportunity in late 2004 wanting to turn his life around. He began training in security and achieved his 8-Hour, 16-Hour, & Fire Safety Coordinator certificates while also focusing on CLIC classes to hone his computer skills. “I motivated myself  because I never wanted to fail again,” Joseph said of his time as a trainee. “Failing is not a pretty sight.”

His higher-ups took note of his unquenchable drive, and in 2005 he was hired as a staff security officer at TDF’s Peter Jay Sharp Center for Opportunity in Brooklyn. The next eight years for Joseph were a whirl of promotions and awards, including the Employee Rewards & Recognition Program award in 2008. This award honors TDF employees who best exhibit TDF’s 10 Key Leadership Characteristics, and Joseph had been nominated for the caring way he handles all trainee issues.

As an RWA grad, Joseph was eligible to participate in the Graduate Career Advancement Program (GCAP), which helps grads focus even further on advancement goals. GCAP helped Joseph land another promotion last month, making him the new Training Coordinator in charge of managing Ready, Willing, & Able’s occupational training tracks. This new role will help Joseph continue to achieve his long-term goal of helping people. “I’ve wanted to help people since I started at The Doe Fund and saw it helping me,” Joseph said.

Next, Joseph will work toward a degree in social services so that he can continue helping people.

 “Stay clean. Work. Save money and respect people, ” Joseph advises current trainees. “Be professional in everything you do, and you will succeed.”

Congratulations, Joseph; we are excited to continue watching you grow!