Social Enterprises

Taking Care of Business and Communities

For us, "social enterprise" isn't a buzz phrase. It's a catalyst. Long before people started throwing those words around, The Doe Fund was putting it to work. Our innovative ventures empower homeless and formerly incarcerated individuals to join the workforce while providing the community with important services and generating revenue to support our program operations.

Here's how we're putting social enterprise to work:

Community Improvement Project

The Doe Fund's signature enterprise cleans and maintains 150 miles of New York City's streets. Our iconic "men in blue" help create a cleaner, greener, and safer New York City through several services, including sweeping and bagging litter, shoveling snow, removing graffiti, watering and cleaning tree beds, and washing sidewalks. Each year, our men collect approximately 9,000 tons of garbage while they build soft skills like work ethic, punctuality, and team work.

Pest at Rest

With locations in New York and Newark, Pest at Rest is an environmentally friendly and preventative integrated pest management company, serving both residential and commercial real estate customers. We provide services to eliminate all types of pests - from bedbugs to roaches to rodents. The venture also provides extensive training which paves the way for our participants to state pesticide applicator certification and well-paying jobs in the industry.
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Resource Recovery

One of New York City's most innovative green enterprises, Resource Recovery has provided more than 1,000 restaurants in New York City with free, on-demand pickups of waste cooking oil which is recycled into premium grade biodiesel. This alternative fuel reduces harmful emissions by 78% compared to petroleum diesel. Resource Recovery also mitigates the improper disposal of waste oil and the resulting sewer infrastructure damage all while equipping our trainees with commercial driving, warehousing, and green industry skills.

Back Office of New York

This social venture is a one-stop shop that provides businesses and organizations with a variety of services, including direct mail and letter shop production, data processing, internet polling, and market research. Trainees who work at the Back Office gain hands-on experience that can be applied in office environments, printing plants, and warehouses.
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