National Replication

In 1990, The Doe Fund founded its award-winning Ready, Willing & Able program in a single 70-bed facility in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. More than twenty years later, Ready, Willing & Able serves nearly 800 homeless and formerly incarcerated men each day, and provides specialized programs for veterans and young adults. Our innovative workforce training model has been fully replicated in Philadelphia and adapted in Chicago, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, and several other U.S. cities.

With thousands of program graduates to date, Ready, Willing & Able has proven that the combination of paid work, stable housing, and comprehensive support services delivers the best and most reliable path to self-sufficiency for the individuals we serve. As the country continues to face enormous challenges around unemployment, housing, and criminal recidivism, our expertise in developing highly effective models for transforming lives and improving communities has never been more critical.

Increasing numbers of local governments, nonprofits, and individuals contact us each year seeking to bring Ready, Willing & Able to their communities. We now offer comprehensive consulting services, and are in the process of developing a detailed program manual designed to assist localities in developing their workforce training programs.

During this time, we are eager to hear from elected officials, agency heads, private community-based organizations, and concerned individuals interested in learning more about our model. Please contact us so we can share updates with you as they become available.

Click here to connect with us and tell us more about your interest in Ready, Willing & Able. Thank you for your commitment to this important work.