Ways to Hire - Doe Fund
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Breaking the cycles of poverty and incarceration comes down to one thing: employment.

Men who build careers build better futures for their children — and you are the key. By partnering with world-class companies seeking qualified employees, we provide our trainees with solid career opportunities and companies with motivated job candidates.
  • Support our Social Enterprises

  • The Doe Fund’s social enterprise initiatives are a win-win all around. Men returning from prison gain paid work experience in recession-proof industries, provide valuable services to the community, and generate revenue that is reinvested in our programs. Read more here.

  • Become an Employer Partner

  • The training, skills and preparation our graduates bring to the table make them valuable assets to potential employers. Last year alone, nearly 250 top companies hired our graduates, including Whole Foods and Citibank. If you’re interested in becoming an employer partner, please email hire@doe.org.

Giving today means a better tomorrow for the “men in blue.” Please donate now.